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Machined Painted ProductsMachined Painted Products

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Machining and Powder Coating

We have turning, milling, mill/turn and tapping capabilities. We operate a world class powder coating six-stage wash and rinse system capable of a 700-hour salt spray test to ASTM B-117 for parts up to 84” X 47” X 35” and weighing 300 lbs. We change colors daily and perform detailed masking, thread tapping and hardware installation and provide dock to stock service. Pad Printing and Silk Screening also performed.

Your BenefitsYour Benefits

  • Precision CNC machining
  • Powder coat painting, silk screening and pad printing
  • Short lead times for powder coating in all colors
  • Expedited lead time to 8 hours depending on requirements and availability
  • Assembly and other secondary processes
  • Dock to stock reliability
  • Lean manufacturing principles fully implemented and utilized
  • Cost competitive pricing